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Home of the Dubuque Soccer Club!


Dubuque Soccer Club – FAQ’s


Do you have to live in Dubuque, IA to participate in the DSC Academy program?

No, players may be selected from all locations; however, all trainings will be in Dubuque.

Can I join with the DSC at any time during the year?

Players can join at any time during the soccer year. However, roster availability along with other factors will determine the ability to do so.

Is there a potential for co-ed teams?

No, we look to have all players participate with their gender. 

What about registration fees for players joining throughout the year (after the start of season)?

Registration fees will be prorated based upon the time of year the player joins.

Can players attend a practice to see the DSC first-hand prior to joining?

Yes, interested players can attend up to 4 DSC practices at no cost or commitment prior to joining.  Please email [email protected] about attending a practice.

Are players required to purchase and wear all uniform items?

Each player is expected to purchase the uniform package of the DSC.  This includes a home jersey, away jersey, shorts, and socks.  Additional apparel items will be available for purchase but not mandatory.  

At all practices and games the specified uniform/training attire is required to be worn.

How many days per week will my team train during the year?

The DSC Academy will practice 2 times a week during the Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer Season.

What are the time frames of the seasons?

Fall: Mid-August to Late October/Early November

Winter: Mid-January to End of March

Spring/Summer: Early April to Mid/late June


How many games are played throughout each season?

DSC Teams will typically play in 8 league games per the Fall and Spring Season.

DSC Teams do not play in league games in the winter.


Where are league games played?

League games are typically held within a 1.5 hour drive from Dubuque, IA.

Are there league games every weekend throughout the season?

No, typically teams will play two games on a single weekend game date.  Teams will typically “travel” for games outside of Dubuque, IA on 4-5 single weekend days throughout the Fall and Spring Seasons.


Do DSC teams play in tournaments?

Yes, typically our DSC teams (U11-U18) participate in 1-2 tournaments each season.  Tournaments are typically within 1.5 hours of Dubuque, IA.  Tournaments are often on a Saturday/Sunday format.  The cost of tournaments are an additional cost.


How much are membership fees?

U9-U10 - $475 for the full year. This includes everything except the team uniform and outside tournaments.

U11-U15 - $525 for the full year. This includes everything except the team uniform and outside tournaments.

High School - $200 – Fall Season Only. This includes everything except the team uniform and outside tournaments.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes, registration can be paid in full (you do receive a discount for paying in full) or in 4 equal monthly installments.

Do I have to register for the entire year?

Yes, the DSC requires players/families to register for the entire year.  This helps create a positive environment for the development of players.

Are there scholarships / financial aid opportunities available?

Yes, please contact [email protected]  for additional information.

Are there fundraising opportunities available?

Yes, the DSC will conduct a Club wide fundraiser each Fall.

Are players expected to be able to attend all DSC related activities?

We ask that players/families be able to commit to 80% of all DSC related activities.  We understand there will be potential conflicts with outside activities.




How are teams formed?

Teams will be formed within a player’s age group through a selection/evaluation process.

-          Players in the U9-U12 age groups will be placed on teams that correspond with their birth year based upon the new US Soccer guidelines.  A player’s birth year will be the primary factor when determining what age group and what team a player will be placed on.

At times, if it is developmentally appropriate, a player may be asked to “play up” with an older age group.  This is not common and is a unique circumstance.

-          DSC players at the U13 and older age groups will participate in an environment which is appropriate to the player’s current and continued development. 


o   The DSC recognizes the necessity of providing multiple environments at the U13 and older age groups.  Providing an environment for highly committed and developed players is essential.

o   At times, if it is developmentally appropriate, a player may be asked to “play up” with an older age group. 


Do teams train alone, with a pool of players or with another age group?

Teams train side by side of each other within age groups.  There is a possibility based upon various factors teams will train together.

With multiple teams at the same age, do you expect them to play each other?

Age groups will be used in a number of different ways to enhance player development. Teams could be mixed to play, have small sided games, and may play each other if is beneficial.

Where are team and club schedules posted?

Schedules will be sent through e-mail prior to the start of the season.  This information is typically released in-between late July to mid-August.

Will my team be pooled with any other teams?

Teams are formed in age groups. There is a potential for age groups to practice with other age groups, respecting an element of training with player ability, it is possible they would be pooled together from time to time.

Can my child train with other/older teams within the club?

Yes, there is a possibility based upon various factors.  DOC and coaches approval is necessary.

Is performance training offered to players?

Yes, the DSC Academy Program offers SAQ (Speed, Agility, and Quickness) training at no additional cost.



How are coaches assigned to teams?

Coaches are assigned to team prior to the DSC Player Placement (mid to late June). When you try out you will be told who the coaches are within that age group.

Does the DSC Conduct a Summer Soccer Camp?

Yes, our DSC Summer Camp is typically the 3rd week of July and is a great way to prepare for the Fall Season.  Please contact [email protected] for additional details.

What type of goalkeeping program is offered?

Yes, the DSC Academy Program offers goalkeeper training at no additional cost.

Do I have to attend the player placement every year?

Current DSC players are strongly encouraged to attend the DSC Player Placements. Their place in the club as a member is available every year.


Where do I find player placement dates?

The DSC Player Placement is typically the 3rd week of June.  Please email [email protected] for specific information.


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